vue-formular.sending (ajax form)

Fires off when the form is being sent. A message will automatically appear in the status bar.

vue-formular.sent (ajax form)

Fires off after the form has been sent successfully. Sends through the form data. The status bar will show the response returned from the server, if it is a string, or else the designated text.


Fires off after form submission was prevented due to client-side errors. Sends through the errors

vue-formular.invalid.server (ajax form)

Fires off after the form returned an invalid response from the server. Sends through the response


Fires off whenever a field's value is changed. Send through the name of the field, as well as new and old values. This allows for using fields independently of the form.


Global change event. Sends through the name of the changed field, in addition to the old and new values


Fires off when the user clicked one of the error links in the status bar. Sends through the clicked field name.

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