Fields can be used in a form as descendants of the form, or independently (see the change event).

All fields accept the following properties:

  • label string required
  • name string required field's identifier
  • value mixed optional
  • required boolean optional
  • disabled boolean optional
  • hide-label boolean optional
  • rules object optional See validation option b

Fields share a fieldType property which can be programmatically used to determine the type of the component.

Fields have beforeField and afterField slots, which allow you to add custom HTML.


Methods can be called by applying a v-ref to the relevant component and fetching it from the $refs object.

  • setValue(value) Programatically set a value on a field. The view will be updated accordingly.
  • reset() reset the field to an empty value, and set dirty to false
  • focus()


  • dirty
  • pristine
  • errors An array of errors

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