vf-select - select list

  • multiple boolean optional
  • select2 boolean optional Use select2 (4.0.0 Only)
  • options object optional Select2 options
  • html boolean By default items are passed directly to the select2 constructor, which is tasked with rendering the actual HTML. Use this option to render the items directly in the template. (see filter-by note for a case where this might be useful)
  • container-class string optional When using select2, use this to set a class for the container and the dropdown. The class will be preceded by the entity (e.g modal would generate dropdown-modal and container-modal)
  • items array of objects optional - E.g
        {id:1, text:'Option A'},
        {id:2, text:'Option B'},
        {id:3, text:'Option C'}
    Defaults to an empty array. When using remote options fetching (ajax-url) pass to this option any initially selected values.
  • placeholder string Default option text (value will be an empty string). Default: Select Option. Displayed only for a single select, which is not a select2.
  • no-default boolean optional Don't display the default option
  • ajax-url string optional Fetch options from remote server using this url.
  • callback function optional When using ajax-url this can be used to process the raw server output before it is passed to presentation.
  • filter-by string optional Dynamically filter list options by another select field.

    Receives the name of the other field. The list items should each have a key with the same name, whose value will be compared against the filtering field's value. When the filtering field has no value all items are presented. When the list is fetched remotely the filtering field value is sent as a request parameter.

    Note: Due to issues with dynamically updating data passed to select2 on v4.0.0 (, This option will currently work on a select2 with local data only when the html prop is set to true.

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