• vf-file -

    • ajax boolean optional - use JQuery File Upload. File rules will be sent as a stringified rules key.
    • options object optional - plugin options for this field. merged with the fileOptions form-level option.
    • dest optional string Upload destination to be sent along with the request. Default:/
    • valueKey the key in the response, containing the value to be set (i.e the file name). Defaults to value
    • done function optional called when the upload is finished successfully. Defaults to getting and setting the value of the field according to the valueKey prop.
    • error function optional called when an error as occured. To trigger this method throw an exception on the server-side. Default (uses bootbox):

      function(e, data) {

To show the results of the upload (e.g display the file name and\or a checked symbol) add some sort of file-details component to the afterField slot.

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